Enterprise Knowledge Portal

We provide Enterprise Knowledge Portal integration services that bring together people, processes, technology and information. We seamlessly align all verticals and drive them towards achieving business goals and objectives.

Our team of dedicated professionals streamlines all data related information to your organization enabling your company to make better and informed decisions. Authentic data is obtained from various sources, while paying full attention to your confidentiality and security. Various data sources and applications are then amalgamated under a single unified presentation layer that is user configurable.

Furthermore, we also provide assistance in managing your information assets to satisfy your customers, and enhance your productivity. Relevant data also increases your employee efficiency thus increasing your profits and decreasing your investments. It will also add value to your knowledge domain reducing varied technological and information barriers, seamlessly connecting your organization with the world outside.

Our EKP solutions focus on:
  • Gathering information and search functionality
  • Dependable view of department and company
  • Direct access to applications and systems for data input, reporting and analysis
  • Direct access to company information and resources (people, processes and applications)
  • Customizable user interface and personalized access to content
  • Single sign-on and consistent information security management
  • Browser based training (eLearning) for applications and standard operating procedures
  • Subscription based (internal and external) content library